Project GATE II Technical Assistance and Evaluation of Project GATE II Grants

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U.S. Department of Labor - Employment and Training Administration
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The positive findings from the evaluation of the Project GATE demonstration project conducted by IMPAQ led the Employment and Training Administration of the U.S. Department of Labor to fund a second round of Project GATE grants in four states – Alabama, Minnesota, North Carolina, and Virginia.  In two of the states (Minnesota and Virginia), entrepreneurship training services were provided to older workers; in the other two states (Alabama and North Carolina), services were targeted to rural dislocated workers.  IMPAQ provided technical assistance to each of the four states in helping them to develop their service delivery strategy and implementation plans, as well as providing assistance on their evaluation design, creation of program marketing materials, and a participant tracking system.

IMPAQ also designed and implemented a rigorous random assignment evaluation to assess the impact of GATE II services on participant’s self-employment and labor market outcomes.  This evaluation used the following data sources:  baseline data collected when the individual applied for GATE II; participant service data collected throughout the individual’s participation in GATE II; a telephone follow-up survey; and Unemployment Insurance wage and benefits data.  These data sources were then analyzed to evaluate the impact of the GATE II program on participant outcomes.