About Us

IMPAQ is now a wholly owned affiliate of the American Institutes for Research® (AIR®), dedicated to providing top-quality research and technical assistance, and with AIR, is exceptionally positioned to contribute to the complex challenges facing society.

IMPAQ delivers evidence that shapes the world.

We start with a simple goal: create solutions that help people.

At IMPAQ, we take the complex and challenging and make them clear and actionable. Our clients rely on us for the insights they need to deliver effective policies and programs that improve lives.

Driven by Impact

We work with governments, businesses, foundations, and other mission-driven organizations to build healthy, resilient communities in the United States and beyond. Together with our clients, we advance a more equitable health care system, create greater economic opportunity, and protect the rights and welfare of all people.

Informed by Experience

Our team of nearly 400 diverse researchers, economists, innovators, data scientists, and other professionals bring passion, intellectual rigor, and subject matter expertise to our projects. We are highly educated—more than half of us hold advanced degrees. We are known for our dynamism and ability to adapt to meet our clients’ needs. Importantly, many of our staff have held high-level leadership positions at several government agencies and have a deep understanding of challenges in the public sector.

Defined by Progress

Founded in 2001 by two people who believe in the power of research, we have grown to deliver a wide range of evidence-based solutions for health, workforce development, social programs, and advanced analytics. Since our founding, IMPAQ continues to be driven by a passion for creating solutions that improve people's lives.

Our deep policy expertise, combined with industry-leading advanced analytics, data visualization, and process automation capabilities, make IMPAQ a partner that our clients trust to solve their toughest challenges.

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