Dr. Amy Kracker-Selzer

Dr. Amy Kracker Selzer (Ph.D., Sociology, Brown University) is a Managing Director at IMPAQ International with expertise in Labor, International Development, and Quantitative, Qualitative, and Spatial Research Methodologies. She has more than 10 years of experience conducting social science research and managing research projects. Her work has integrated a variety of methodological approaches including survey design and analysis, qualitative interviewing, focus groups, and spatial analysis using GIS applications.

Dr. Kracker Selzer has applied these skills in research projects related to a variety of topics. She is currently designing surveys and interview protocols for program performance measurement and impact evaluations for a number of projects for the US Department of Labor and US Department of Education. These include the Feasibility Study of Using Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL) and Workforce Data Quality Initiative (WDQI) for Consumer Reports, the Technical Assistance Evaluation Feasibility Study, and the Evaluation of the Comprehensive Technical Assistance Centers. Additionally, she is involved in the evaluation of the Arizona Sun Corridor – Get into Energy Consortium.

Dr. Kracker Selzer has recently worked with the International Institute for Environment and Development in conjunction with the United Nations Population Fund to examine the extent to which policies intended to address the impacts of climate change in Indonesia are having a substantial impact on those communities that are the most vulnerable. In this project, she took a lead role in gathering and analyzing spatial data related to demographic characteristics, community vulnerability, and adaptive capacity for the city of Semarang, Indonesia. She is a lead author on the resulting report that discusses the policy implications of the demographic distribution of vulnerability to climate change in Indonesia.

Dr. Kracker Selzer recently co-managed a large NSF funded study examining the impact of civil society organizations on access to services and democratic governance in historically disadvantaged communities in South Africa. This study entailed extensive fieldwork and over 100 qualitative interviews with stakeholders in South Africa as well as spatial analyses of census and municipal GIS data.

Prior to joining IMPAQ, Dr. Kracker Selzer was a Project Leader in the Research and Methods department at Arbitron Inc., where she managed the design, implementation, and analysis of surveys related to media use and customer satisfaction. She was also a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology at the College of William and Mary where she taught courses related to political sociology, international development, and social policy. She has also taught GIS workshops for government officials, civil society organizations, students, and academics in the US and abroad.