Dr. Anna Nastasi

Dr. Anna Nastasi is a Research Associate at IMPAQ International. She supports the Payment Models & Quality Measurement practice area within IMPAQ Health and contributes to quality strategy and measurement for multiple CMMI payment models.


Dr. Nastasi has extensive experience with academic research, sophisticated data analytic techniques, statistical programming languages including SAS, R, SPSS, and SQL, research presentations, project management, and technical and academic writing.


Dr. Nastasi has experience with Medicare claims data and innovative payment models through the End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Payment Models and Quality Measurement project, the Comprehensive Kidney Care Contracting (KCC) project, and the End-Stage Renal Disease Treatment Choices (ETC) project. Under the ESRD project, she leads the quality measure validation (QMV) process and provides project management expertise and programming support for the quality measure assessment tool (QMAT). Under the KCC project, she leads the quality strategy and benchmarking process. Under the ETC project, she supports the performance and payment adjustments process.

Prior Experience

Prior to joining IMPAQ, Dr. Nastasi worked as a Visiting Professor at the University of Baltimore, teaching statistics and specialized graduate courses for the Applied Behavioral Sciences program. She also held an appointment as a full-time contractor for the CDC sitting at the client site: OGAC (Office of the Global AIDS Coordinator- State Department) in the ICPI (Interagency Collaborative for Program Improvement) office. She worked on a team of ICF contractors who provided general data analytic and methodological support for all ICPI work streams on an as-needed basis.


Dr. Nastasi earned her Ph.D. from the University of Connecticut in industrial and organizational psychology in 2018.

Previous Papers and Presentations

Nastasi, A.K. (2019, April). Effect of longitudinal workaholism process on burnout: Mediating role of anxiety. Poster presented at the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology conference, Washington, D.C.

Nastasi, A.K., Calvo, A.C., Magley, V.J., & Barnes-Farrell, J.L. (2018, April). Last call for workahol(ism): Can calling buffer the negative effects of workaholism? In M. Clark (Chair), Workaholism around the world. Symposium presented at the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology conference, Chicago, IL.

Hwang, T., Young, A.K., Dalal, D.K., Barnes-Farrell, J. (2015). Review and syntheses of executive selection research: A technical report for Caldwell Partners. IPAC TR-2015-01.

Delaney, C., Apostolidis, B., Bartos, S., Robbins, R., & Young, A.K. (2014). Pilot testing of the home care education, assessment, remote-monitoring, and therapeutic activities intervention. Home Health Care Management & Practice, first published online, May 12, 2014. doi:10.1177/1084822314530991