Dr. Ilene Harris

Dr. Harris (Ph.D., Epidemiology, and PharmD, University of Maryland, Baltimore) has more than 30 years of experience in geriatrics, medication use and quality, medication adherence, long-term care, dementia, traumatic brain injury and drug policy and program evaluation.

Dr. Harris’ research focuses on assessment of quality and appropriateness of care in long term care and community settings, care transitions into and out of nursing homes, and development of medication quality measures. She currently serves as the Project Director on a contract to evaluate the Maryland Multipayer Patient Centered Medical Home demonstration. She is Principal Investigator on a Cooperative Agreement with the US Food and Drug Administration’s Office of Generic Drugs to examine the utilization and switchback rates of brand versus generic drug products. She also has served as Principal Investigator on federally funded research that involve analyses of Medicare administrative data, including Parts A, B, D and Minimum Data Set assessment data, to study anticoagulation therapy after traumatic brain injury and to develop psychopharmacologic medication quality measures. In addition, she has participated in a research agenda to develop and validate claims-based measures of performance and functional status. Dr. Harris has over 100 publications in peer-reviewed journals.

Prior to joining IMPAQ, she was on the faculty of the University of Maryland, Baltimore, School of Pharmacy from 1983 to 2013. While there, she served as Chair of the Department of Pharmaceutical Health Services Research and as Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education. As Professor Emeritus, she continues to mentor and teach graduate students. In 2007-2008, Dr. Harris was a Visiting Professor at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand through her assignment as a Senior Fulbright Scholar.

IMPAQ Papers and Presentations

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