Dr. Jesse M. Levy

Dr. Levy (Ph.D., Economics, University of North Carolina) was at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) from 1987 through the beginning of 2014.  While at CMS he was directly involved in the creation of a number of Medicare payment systems.  Dr. Levy was the COR for the Resource-Based Relative Value Scale for Physician Services research the led to the creation of the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule.  Dr. Levy was the COR for the contract that yielded resource-based relative values for the practice expense component of the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule.  He was also a COR for the contract that yielded the diagnosis-based risk adjustment system that is used to pay for Medicare Part C.  Dr. Levy also estimated the risk adjustment models for the ESRD component of the Part C program as well as the Part D program.  While at CMS, Dr. Levy was the also the COR for a number of program evaluation projects as well as for a number of projects related to evolving Medicare payment algorithms.  Among these were the Evaluation of the Pioneer Accountable Care Organization Program and the Evaluation of the Medicare Acute Care Episode Demonstration.  Dr. Levy also worked on the Medicare Episode Grouper initiative for a number of years.

Dr. Levy has extensive training in econometrics but has evolved into a health economist over his career.  While at CMS, he received a number of Administrator Achievement and Special Citation awards.