Dr. Kajal Gulati

Dr. Kajal Gulati is a Research Associate in the Labor and Human Services Division at IMPAQ International. She specializes in international development, labor economics, and experimental economics. 


Dr. Gulati has experience implementing program evaluations using experimental methods such as randomized controlled trials and non-experimental market valuation techniques in the fields of agriculture, labor, and international development. She has done extensive fieldwork in South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. She is well-trained in designing research instruments, devising appropriate sampling frames, collecting primary survey data, managing projects, analyzing data, and preparing program reports. She is equipped with a diverse toolkit in quantitative methods including regression analysis, panel data, social network analysis, decomposition techniques, and structural modeling.  

Prior Experience

Dr. Gulati has previously worked at the International Food Policy Research Institute on agricultural technology adoption and food security issues in South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. She has also consulted with the World Bank and the United Nations, Women on projects related to the gender gap in agricultural productivity in Sub-Saharan Africa.


Dr. Gulati holds a Ph.D. in Agricultural and Resource Economics from the University of California, Davis, a Masters in Public Administration from Cornell University, and a B.A. in Liberal Arts from Soka University of America. Her doctoral research focused on policy issues related to agricultural mechanization and gendered labor markets in India.  

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Previous Papers and Presentations 

Gulati, K. 2017. Diffusing to Level Fields: Evolution of Laser Land Leveling Technology Markets in India. Co-authored with Travis Lybbert and David Spielman. Presentation made at the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association.

Lybbert, T., Magnan, N., Spielman, D., Bhargava, A. & Gulati, K. 2016. Targeting Technology to Increase Smallholder Profits and Conserve Resources: Experimental Provision of Laser Land Leveling Services to Indian Farmers. Economic Development and Cultural Change

Gulati, K. 2016. Who’s the Boss? Intrahousehold Valuation, Preference Heterogeneity, and Demand for an Agricultural Technology in India. Presentation made at the Northeast Universities Development Consortium and Agricultural and Applied Economics Association.

Magnan, N., Spielman, D., Lybbert, T. & Gulati, K. 2015. Leveling with Friends: Social Networks and Indian Farmers’ Demand for a Technology with Heterogeneous Benefits. Journal of Development Economics 116: 223-251.

World Bank. 2015. The Cost of the Gender Gap in Agricultural Productivity in Malawi, Tanzania, and Uganda. Washington, DC.: World Bank Group. 

Spielman, D., Bhargava, A., Gulati, K. Lybbert, T. & Magnan, N. 2015. Use of a Novel Water-Saving Agricultural Technology among Indian FarmersIdeas for India, International Growth Centre.

O'Sullivan, M., Rao, A., Banerjee, R., Gulati, K. & Vinez, M. 2014. Leveling the Field: Improving Opportunities for Women Farmers in Africa. Washington DC: World Bank Group.

Gulati, K. 2014. Gender Dimensions of Social Networks and Technology Adoption: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Uttar Pradesh, India. Co-authored with Nicholas Magnan, David Spielman, and Travis Lybbert. Presentation made at the Pacific Conference for Development Economics.

Lybbert, T., Magnan, N., Bhargava, A., Gulati, K. & Spielman, D. 2012. Farmers’ Heterogeneous Valuation of Laser Land Leveling in Eastern Uttar Pradesh: An Experimental Auction to Inform Segmentation and Subsidy StrategiesAmerican Journal of Agricultural Economics, 95(2), 339-345 (Proceedings).

Spielman, D., Kolady, D., Ward, P., Rashid, H. & Gulati, K. 2012. Public Expenditures, Private Incentives, and Technology Adoption: The Economics of Hybrid Rice in South Asia. IFPRI Discussion Paper No. 01233.

Ahmed, A., Hill, R.V., Smith, L.C., Wiesmann, D., Frankenberger, T. with Assistance from Gulati, K., Quabili, W. & Yisehac, Y. 2007. The World’s Most Deprived: Characteristics and Causes of Extreme Poverty and Hunger. Background paper for 2020 Vision Conference. International Food Policy Research Institute. Washington DC.

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