Dr. Marios Michaelides

Dr. Michaelides (Ph.D., Economics, University of Maryland-College Park) is a labor economist with 11 years of research experience in the areas of unemployment, labor market policy, and program evaluation.

Dr. Michaelides has extensive experience leading impact studies of reemployment, workforce training, and worker protection programs for a variety of Federal, state, and local agencies.  His recent work includes random assignment impact studies of high-profile U.S. Department of Labor reemployment, training, and worker protection programs, and quasi-experimental impact studies of reemployment and training programs implemented by state and local workforce grantees.

He has authored and published extensively in the areas of unemployment, UI, labor market policy, and program evaluation, including in the last three years, six articles in peer-review journals, a Report to Congress, and numerous policy and project reports.  He joined the faculty of the Department of Economics, University of Cyprus in 2012.

Featured IMPAQ Publications and Presentations

Michaelides, M. (2012, November). Results from the impact evaluation of the reemployment and eligibility assessment initiative. Paper presentation at the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management Fall Research Conference, Baltimore, MD.

Davis, S., & Michaelides, M.  (2015, November). From Unemployment to Self-Employment: The Role of Self-Employment TrainingPresentation at the APPAM Fall Research Conference, Miami, FL.