Dr. Mithuna Srinivasan

Dr. Mithuna Srinivasan is a Senior Economist in IMPAQ’s Social Programs and Policy Division. She works in the domain of Workforce Development and Family Support, where she designs and implements policy-relevant research for social programs.


Dr. Srinivasan has extensive training in applied econometrics, and in experimental and quasi-experimental program evaluation techniques. She has also performed cost-benefit analyses and engaged in qualitative data collection and analyses. Dr. Srinivasan is currently Project Director on a data-related coaching activity for a scholarship program in Washington that is targeted toward STEM students. Previously, she served as Project Manager on a project for the YMCA of the USA involving the development of a sustainability framework for their child nutrition programs, and as Interim Project Manager on a large FNS-funded project concerning the review and documentation of school nutrition management information systems. She is also serving as the technical lead on several tasks for a CMS-funded project concerning the evaluation of a formal telephone discussions Demonstration to determine its impact on the Medicare claims submission process. Dr. Srinivasan has conducted research on food and nutrition topics, and her work has been published in top peer-reviewed journals such as the American Journal of Public Health and JAMA Internal Medicine.


Dr. Srinivasan has experience working with a wide range of clients including the Food and Nutrition Service at the US Department of Agriculture, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the YMCA of the USA, the PEW Charitable Trusts, and the US Department of Labor. She has also worked with clients at the county level, including local management boards in Maryland, performing needs assessments for them on high-risk populations.

Prior Experience

Prior to joining IMPAQ, Dr. Srinivasan was employed in the economic consulting industry for about three and a half years, where she contributed as an economist to litigation, postal, and energy practices. She applied time series and panel data econometric methods to estimate damages arising from antitrust class actions and estimate postal price elasticities for the US Postal Service, prepared expert reports for the litigation practice, and co-authored several reports on postal and energy topics.


Dr. Srinivasan earned her Ph.D. from the Ohio State University, with specializations in Labor Economics, Applied Econometrics, and Household Behavior and Family Economics.

Featured IMPAQ Publications and Presentations

Gupta, S. & Srinivasan, M. (2017, March). A Benefit-Cost Analysis of a Workforce Development Program for Disconnected Youth. Presentation at the Society for Benefit-Cost Analysis Conference, Washington, DC.

Gupta, M. & Srinivasan, M. (2017. July). Gold-Standard Evaluation of Entrepreneurial Training Provided within the Public Workforce System. Presentation at the National Association for Welfare Research and Statistics Workshop, Pittsburgh, PA.

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Srinivasan, M. & Pooler, J. (2017, July). SNAP Benefits Go Beyond Food Access: The Impact on Cost-Related Medication Nonadherence for Older Adults. Poster at the Society for Nutritional Education and Behavior (SNEB) Annual Conference, Washington, DC.

Pooler, J. & Srinivasan, M. (2018). Does food insecurity exacerbate the association between poor health and other social determinants? Presentation at the American Public Health Association Meeting and Exposition, San Diego, CA.

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Hoffman, V., Srinivasan, M., Levin, M. & Scarmo, S. (2018). Operating School Meal Programs in Rural Districts: Challenges and Solutions. Poster presentation at the School Nutrition Association Annual National Conference, Las Vegas, NV.

Other Publications

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