Dr. Ping Chen

Dr. Chen (M.D., 4-year in Medicine, 1-year in Public Health, M.S., Social Medicine and Health Administration, Anhui Medical University, P.R. China) is an experienced researcher on health-related studies. She has expertise in statistical design, protocol development, application of methodology, and execution of quantitative analysis, particularly in analyzing and managing large datasets from variety of studies including longitudinal study, time-series study, multi-country site studies and large administrative claim databases (Medicare, Medicaid, and Commercial data). She has proficient skills in SAS (10+ years), R (6+ years), Netezza / MS SQL (2 years) and SPSS.

Prior to joining IMPAQ, Dr. Chen was a Health Economics and Outcomes Researcher at Inovalon, Inc., where she has studied the effect of dual eligible status on CMS five-star quality measures for Medicare Advantage (MA) beneficiaries; examined the risks of adverse events associated with second generation antiepileptic drugs following the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Boxed Warning or Alert; determined the influential factors on medical record review and created a template for routine use to assess its accuracy; led a project to assess, test and edit SAS scripts for a contract with NCQA regarding measures of Plan All-cause Readmissions.

Before that, Dr. Chen worked at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health as a research fellow (3 years) and faculty research associate (6 years). Serving as a lead biostatistician Dr. Chen was actively and independently responsible for providing statistical support for a variety of health-related projects at JHU.