Mr. Mike Trinh

Mr. Mike Trinh is IMPAQ’s Senior Data Scientist in the Advanced Analytics team. He has been involved in data analysis using novel methods. He also applies his full-stack development experience to create web- and desktop-based user applications.


Mr. Trinh is proficient with the Java, Python, JavaScript, and C# programming languages. He has experience using the NodeJS, Django, and PHP back-end environments as well as MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle databases. Mr. Trinh has designed front-end interfaces using HTML, CSS, Tk, and Qt.


Mr. Trinh has worked on projects for the U.S. Department of Labor, summarizing and predicting public sentiment of the proposed regulation changes as well as developing simulation models to estimate the cost of proposed paid family medical leave programs. He developed a web interface to manage tobacco retailer inspections for the Food and Drug Administration, Office of Compliance and Enforcement. He also worked on building new or adjusting existing machine learning models to use local and cloud-based graphics processing units (GPUs) to improve model performance speeds for FDA.

Prior Experience

Prior to joining IMPAQ, Mr. Trinh reported on state politics at the Patriot Ledger and the video game industry at Game Informer.


Mr. Trinh earned his Master of Science in computer science from Boston University in 2017.

IMPAQ Publications and Presentations

Kingi, H., Wang, L-A.D., Shafer, T., Huynh, M., Trinh, M., Heuser, A., Rochester, G., & Paredes, A. (2020). A numerical evaluation of the accuracy of influence maximization algorithms. Social Network Analysis and Mining, 10(1), 70.