Mr. Tamas Karpati

Mr. Karpati, MBA (MEd. Sports Management, Xavier University, MBA San Jose State University, B.S., Economics, Budapest University of Economic Studies) is a Principal Associate, Technology Solutions, at IMPAQ International. Mr. Karpati has the responsibility to support the delivery of innovative, secure, and methodology driven Health IT research solutions from conception through implementation. He has over 13 years of experience leading private industry projects in Health Care, Finance, E-commerce and various other sectors. Mr. Karpati’s core competencies are in product and program management, business analysis and international expansion.  He has managed several systems development efforts involving web and mobile application development for clients such as eBay, AT&T, Blue Cross/Blue Shields and Alere.

While at IMPAQ, Mr. Karpati also served in leadership roles for the development of the CMS-funded Marketplace Quality Module (MQM) that would enable consumers to make informed decision while purchasing health insurance. In addition Mr. Karpati led the technical solution for the NIH-funded State Health Practices Database for Research (SHPDR). This database is intended to support health services research by providing investigators with easily accessible data on state-level variables that must be controlled for when conducting quantitative cross-state analyses.