Ms. Perlita Muiruri

Perlita Muiruri is a Principal Research Associate for International Labor in the International Development Division at IMPAQ. She provides substantive expertise for the development and implementation of labor technical assistance and evaluation projects.


Ms. Muiruri is an experienced foreign policy expert, economic policy advisor, and strategist with international management and leadership expertise. Through her distinguished career at the U.S. Department of State, she gained extensive experience promoting international workers in a variety of countries in Africa and Latin America. Most recently, as Labor Counselor for the U.S. Embassy in Mexico, Ms. Muiruri provided expert analysis on Mexican labor relations and labor justice reforms to U.S. USMCA negotiators and engaged extensively with Mexican government, civil society, and private sector interlocutors on labor reform development, approval, and implementation planning. She has led teams in developing and advocating US government labor policies and programs, cultivating government-wide collaboration to ensure countries pursuing free trade agreements with the United States comply fully with international labor standards. She has managed complex budgets, overseen grant allocations, and has significant experience in financial and human resource management.


Ms. Muiruri has twenty years of experience working with a wide range of contacts in numerous foreign governments, multilateral organizations, and US government agencies, including the Department of State, USAID, the Department of Labor, the Treasury Department, and Homeland Security. She is an experienced negotiator, having worked on the inclusion of US government positions in multilateral fora, primarily in the United Nations, Organization of American States, and the African Union.

Prior Experience

Prior to joining IMPAQ, Ms. Muiruri was a senior diplomat for the U.S. Department of State, having served ten tours of duty in Washington and overseas.  Her tours included serving as a senior economic advisor in Mexico, as the head of political affairs in Congo, as a regional refugee coordinator in Ivory Coast and Chad, and as an economic advisor in Venezuela and Nigeria.


Ms. Muiruri earned an M.A. from the Yale University in political science in 1999 and has a B.A. in African Studies from the University of Michigan.