Build Your Career at IMPAQ

Our Career Development Framework provides clear and flexible guidelines for staff looking to develop professional skills and to advance their careers at IMPAQ.

The foundations and pillars of this framework provide staff with the direction needed to develop professionally based on their career goals, while preparing them for increasingly challenging responsibilities at IMPAQ

IMPAQ Cultural Foundations

The foundations of success at IMPAQ are innovation, collaboration, and entrepreneurship. These values have shaped IMPAQ from its modest beginnings and continue to be the foundations of our culture. We encourage staff to demonstrate these values in everything they do. Innovation, collaboration, and entrepreneurship are rewarded and celebrated at IMPAQ and provide the groundwork for facilitating career development discussions.

IMPAQ Career Pillars

The four career pillars give structure for a well-balanced approach to staff development. The career pillars are the basis for creating and prioritizing professional training and skill development initiatives across IMPAQ. These skills also contribute to the growth and success of IMPAQ. As IMPAQ grows, so do the opportunities for career advancement and growth.

Career Progression

Career progression at IMPAQ occurs through continuous demonstration of the values of innovation, collaboration, and entrepreneurship represented in our cultural foundations and through the the development and application of job skills within each of the career pillars. Your career growth is intricately linked to the growth and success of IMPAQ.