Clinical Trials Data Tracking Dashboard

IMPAQ Researchers Develop Tool to Analyze COVID-19 Clinical Trial Data

To provide information on the current landscape of clinical trials for COVID-19 treatment, a team of IMPAQ researchers, led by Dr. Sanchari Ghosh and Zippora Kiptanui, developed a Tableau dashboard to summarize clinical trial data by intervention type, category, status, clinical phase, location and population studied. This tool is intended to help both the general public and health care professionals to find the latest clinical trial advancements through various filters, as well as to see the general scope and demographics of current clinical trials.

The data for this dashboard is sourced from, a publicly available website that is maintained by the US National Library of Medicine. The IMPAQ research team will update this dashboard bi-weekly with recent data from COVID-19 trials.

The tool, as well as instructions for use and an infographic on the COVID-19 clinical trials landscape, can be found below. You can also view the news release for the tool and read a blog post by the tool developers on the importance of clinical trials.


How to Use the Clinical Trials Dashboard

At the top of the dashboard are filters for the intervention type, drug category, intervention (specific type), and location.

In the middle section you will find summary statistics for the intervention type, study phase, status of the studies, location of the studies, and age groups.

Age groups include:

  • Child (<18)
  • Adult (18-64)
  • Older Adult (65+)

At the very bottom is the master table that contains all of the studies in the COVID-19 clinical landscape. Using the filters at the top, you can find specific studies you would like to view.

Additional tips and features:

  • You may click on the hyperlinked NCT number for any study on the bottom table to take you directly to the study’s webpage.
  • Hovering over the info icon under ‘Outcome’ will show you the full outcome measure of the study.
  • Hovering over the diamond icon under ‘Status’ will show you the current status of the study.
  • Clicking on different variables in the summary statistics tables will also filter out the other summary tables as well as the master study table (Ex: clicking on ‘Biological’ under Intervention type will filter out the other tables). Clicking on the variable again will remove the filter.



Clinical Trials Tracker Team

Sanchari Ghosh, PharmD, Research Associate, IMPAQ Health
Dr. Ghosh is a pharmacist at IMPAQ with a background in clinical and health outcomes research. Her areas of expertise include drug regulation and policy. Dr. Ghosh’s research at IMPAQ primarily consists of monitoring and evaluation of healthcare improvement programs and models.


Zippora Kiptanui, BPharm, MPH, Senior Research Associate, IMPAQ Health
Ms. Kiptanui applies her training in pharmacy to lead mixed-methods studies and policy analyses and provide technical assistance. Her work focuses on studying drug policy, medication management and safety, and post-marketing drug surveillance.


Mike Liu, BS, Senior Data Analyst, IMPAQ Health
Mr. Liu is an experienced data scientist who uses SAS, SQL, and Bash Unix Scripting, to perform tasks such as Data Processing, Data Cleaning, Data Manipulation, Data Management, and assuring Data Integrity. He has strong quantitative analysis skills and is well-versed in designing, developing, and evaluating databases.


Nicholas Sumnicht, BA, Research Analyst, IMPAQ Health
Mr. Sumnicht is a research analyst and primarily works with data visualization and data analysis. He has 3 years of experience developing visualizations using Tableau and Excel to implement interactive dashboards tailored towards client’s needs.

Thiyagu Rajakannan, MPharm, PhD, Research Associate, IMPAQ Health
Dr. Rajakannan is a pharmacist with experience in designing and conducting both quantitative and qualitative analyses for Clinical, Health policy and Pharmacoepidemiology research using large administrative claim databases, clinical trial registries, electronic medical records, and healthcare survey data. Prior to joining IMPAQ, Dr. Rajakannan was a Research Fellow at in NIH.