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The Barriers to Food Access Locator (BFAL) allows you to identify Census tracts that may have a high proportion of residents facing barriers to food access. Users should review the methodology and overview before using the locator and note that these classifications are made by looking nationally at tract-level data, and grouping tracts with similar characteristics. As a result, it is likely that within even low need tracts, some residents may face barriers to food access, while some residents in high need tracts do not.

Explore states and counties: Start your exploration by selecting a state of interest. One or more counties can be selected from the drop-down list or the list of Selected Counties on the right. Census tracts within the selected area will appear as having low (green), moderate (gold), and high (blue) barriers to food access.

You may also show only specific classifications within the geography selected by filtering on “Barriers to Food Access Classification” and choosing “Low,” “Moderate,” or “High.”

Explore cities: To view a specific city or large town, first select the state from the drop-down list. Hover your mouse over the map and select the search tool in the upper left hand corner (). Begin typing the city/town name and select from the list. Note that this function will zoom in on the location, but not filter results to only that location.

Dig deeper: After selecting your geography, the pan and zoom tools can be viewed by hovering your mouse over the map. Click the “” and select the pan symbol () or zoom symbol ().

To reset the map view and begin another search, click the thumbtack icon (), then follow the instructions above to select another location.