Democracy, Rights, & Governance

IMPAQ provides clear answers to complex questions on human rights and governance. We work bilaterally with international governments and partners to strengthen democracies and create safe spaces for citizens to live, work, and express ideas.

The Democracy Challenge

Development and prosperity in countries around the world is often constrained by ineffective governance and poor service delivery. Fragile institutions, widespread corruption, and intolerance undermine the political, economic, and social lives of all citizens. When individuals are not able to affect their local institutions, they face great difficulty in improving their economic and social circumstances.

Our Solutions

IMPAQ works to assess development opportunities and analyze policy changes in order to guide institutions that invest in democracy, rights, and governance internationally. By working with national and local governments, IMPAQ applies critical institution-building and anti-corruption best practices to promote representative governance.

Our Impact

From evaluating efforts to improve judicial effectiveness in Bosnia and Herzegovina to supporting the implementation of regulatory reforms in Mexico, IMPAQ works together with our partners and community representatives to build stronger democracies where the rights of all citizens are protected and upheld. 

Select Projects
Client: U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)
Date: 09/2014–09/2024
Service: Program Evaluations
Market: International Development

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To discuss IMPAQ’s democracy, rights, and governance work, please contact Jonathan Simonetta, Vice President, International Development.