IMPAQ brings insights and evidence to international education programs. Through partnerships with governments, nonprofits, and community-level organizations, we conduct rigorous assessments of education programs and policies. We help our clients use data-driven approaches to increase access to quality education and offer the support students need to thrive.

The Global Education Challenge

While global rates of education have increased substantially, gaps remain in educational quality and student learning outcomes. As governments and other institutions invest in education, they want to be sure their approach is effective and based on evidence. Students have only one childhood and one opportunity for a quality primary education—we cannot afford to get it wrong.   

Our Solutions

IMPAQ helps clients use evidence-based decision making to improve the quality of global education and advance educational reform. IMPAQ has conducted rigorous evaluations of education interventions in countries spanning Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia.  

Through our evaluations, IMPAQ provides clients with critical evidence on their program’s performance and impact, as well data-driven recommendations to ensure future programmatic success. 

As part of our evaluation process, IMPAQ develops and calibrates survey instruments and literacy assessments, such as the Early Grade Reading Assessment (EGRA), Annual Status Education Report (ASER), and Literacy Boost Reading Assessments. We develop pedagogical and non-pedagogical observational tools and train local education specialists in classroom observations.  

Our Impact

Together with our partners, IMPAQ is helping to ensure that young people globally have the opportunities and support they need to learn, grow, and develop through quality education.  

Learn More

To discuss IMPAQ's international education work, please contact Jonathan Simonetta, Vice President, International Development.