Labor Rights

Labor Rights

IMPAQ helps our clients improve working conditions in countries around the world. Through evaluations, assessments, and technical assistance, we uncover the realities of labor practices and work with governments and employers to protect and uphold safe and just working environments.

The Labor Rights Challenge

Participation in the labor market is critical to the reduction of poverty, yet working conditions often do not reflect the rights promised to workers by the law. Unsafe conditions, inadequate enforcement of rights, and forced labor can jeopardize the safety and livelihoods of families around the world. 

Our Solutions 

IMPAQ evaluates and supports the development of efficient, sustainable labor markets that are responsive to the needs of emerging economies. Empowering women as equal partners in the workplace is central to our efforts. We also work to combat labor rights abuses, such as forced labor and labor trafficking, by working alongside governments to build institutions for detection and prosecution of such abuses.  

Our technical assistance projects, evaluations, and assessments help remove barriers to economic participation and increase employment opportunities. This work is led by IMPAQ’s team of experts in labor justice reform, forced labor, and labor trafficking. 

Our Impact 

By implementing, evaluating, and supporting pro-labor rights and workforce development programs, IMPAQ helps ensure justice and opportunity for workers around the world.

Select Projects
Client: U.S. Department of Labor - Bureau of International Labor Affairs
Date: 01/2019–12/2022
Service: Implementation Services
Market: International Development

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To discuss IMPAQ's labor rights work, please contact Jonathan Simonetta, Vice President, International Development.