Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET)

We help jobseekers develop the skills they need to succeed in their local economies. Through evaluations and technical assistance, IMPAQ experts support and inform evidence-driven vocational education programs in diverse countries and contexts.

The Global Workforce Challenge

In today's rapidly shifting global economy, a workforce that lacks the necessary technical and vocational training can greatly hinder a country’s economic growth. At the personal level, families suffer from severe income losses as their country’s changing industrial priorities leave workers behind.

Our Solutions

IMPAQ helps combat these issues by supporting vocational education programs that help individuals learn marketable skills and maintain or increase their earnings. Our team's expertise informs the implementation and evaluation of all aspects of TVET programming. For example, our expert researchers design and implement nationwide surveys to understand employers’ needs and inform TVET program design and implementation.

Our experienced evaluators study challenges and best practices across TVET programs to help grow the body of evidence on workforce training and provide valuable insights for future policy decisions.

Our Impact

With IMPAQ's support and insights, individuals in countries around the world receive the training and education they need to fulfill their personal potential and become productive members of their local economies.

Learn More

To discuss IMPAQ's TVET work, please contact Jonathan Simonetta, Vice President, International Development.