IMPAQ Health Experts Appointed to AcademyHealth Advisory Committees for Interest Groups

Thursday, September 17, 2015
IMPAQ Health experts Dr. Daniel Weinberg and Dr. Stacy Farr have been appointed to 2015-2016 AcademyHealth Advisory Committees for Interest Groups (IG).
IGs are governed by an Advisory Committee consisting of experts in the field, both through a volunteer and nomination basis. AcademyHealth’s IG Advisory Committees plan and develop new programs for the year, including webinars and networking events, and cultivate discussion about interesting topics through discussion forums. They will also lead the planning and implementation of the IG meeting at AcademyHealth’s Annual Research Meeting (ARM) in June 2016 by spearheading the call for abstracts, developing connections with speakers and panelists for the meeting, finalizing topics for the meeting, and developing the agenda.

Dr. Daniel Weinberg


Dr. Stacy Farr

IMPAQ Managing Director and Principal Research Associate Dr. Daniel Weinberg has been appointed to a two-year term on AcademyHealth’s 2015-2016 Advisory Committee for the Health Economics Interest Group.

Dr. Weinberg has extensive training in advanced econometrics, particularly quasi-experimental methods and their applications to evaluation and policy analysis. In addition, he is experienced in the development of large claims-based analytic data sets used in evaluation projects.


IMPAQ Research Associate Dr. Stacy Farr has been appointed to a two-year term on to AcademyHealth’s 2015-2016 Advisory Committee for Quality and Value Interest Group.

Dr. Farr brings more than 10 years of experience managing research and policy projects and conducting mixed methods program evaluations on a variety of health-related topics. Her research areas include: quality of care, quality measurement, public reporting, patient safety, outcomes research, mental health and chronic health conditions, caregiving, aging, long-term care, and Alzheimer’s disease.