IMPAQ to Present at Academy Health Annual Research Meeting

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

IMPAQ International is looking forward to exhibiting, hosting a reception, and connecting with colleagues at this year’s ARM, June 26-28, in Boston.

We are excited to announce that we will be presenting the following 9 posters:

  • A Unified Approach to Implementation and Evaluation of CMS’s Innovative Shared Savings Initiatives
    – Guido Cataife, Daniel Weinberg
  • Factors Contributing to Successful Implementation of the Maryland Multi-Payer Patient Centered Medical Home Program
    – Sarah Pedersen, Danielle Emery, Jill Marsteller, Ilene Harris
  • Longitudinal Trends in Private Health Insurance Plans: Nationally and by State 
    - Brittany Sumnicht, Gongmei Yu, Abigail Woodroffe
  • Do Price-based Policies Influence Health Behaviors and Risk Factors for Non-Communicable Diseases? Evidence from the China Health and Nutrition Survey
    – Riha Vaidya
  • Participant Experience with Aging and Disability Resource Centers (ADRC) – Findings from the National ADRC Study
    – Rekha Varghese, Tina Barretto, Sarah Pedersen, Michael Siers, Sandeep Shetty, Sharanjit Toor, Leanne Clark-Shirley, Rosanna Bertrand, Susan Jenkins
  • Partnerships of ADRCs – Findings from the National ADRC Study
    – Rekha Varghese, Tina Barretto, Sarah Pedersen, Leanne Clark-Shirley, Sharanjit Toor, Rosanna Bertrand, Susan Jenkins
  • Influence of Antidepressant Treatment on Use of and Adherence to COPD Maintenance Medications
    – Yu-Jung Jenny Wei, Linda Simoni-Wastila, Jennifer S. Albrecht, Ting-Ying Huang, Patience Moyo, Bilal Khokhar, Ilene Harris, Patricia Langenberg, Giora Netzer, Susan W. Lehmann
  • Adherence to Maintenance Medications Among Older Adults with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: The Role of Depression
    – Jennifer S. Albrecht, PhD, Yujin Park, Peter Hur, Ting-Ying Huang, Ilene Harris, Giora Netzer, Susan W. Lehmann, Patricia Langenberg, Bilal Khokhar, Yu-Jung Wei, Patience Moyo, Linda Simoni-Wastila
  • Nudging and Tailoring a Quality Report Card Improves Consumer Outcomes
    – Brad Smith, Wendy Lynch, Naomi Naierman, Jessica McDuff, Marsha Nelson, Dora Hunter
  • Refinements to Evaluation Methods for Causal Inference in Innovative Health Care Models
    – Pauline Karikari Martin, Daniela Zapata and Guido Cataife