IMPAQ Vice President Dr. Steve Garasky Nominated for APPAM Policy Council

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Dr. Steve Garasky

IMPAQ is proud to announce that IMPAQ Vice President, Human Services Dr. Steve Garasky is currently on the APPAM Policy Council ballot as a Practitioner Nominee.

As an APPAM Policy Council member, Dr. Garasky would bring more than 25 of years of relevant experience in the three key areas of APPAM’s work: federal policy, academia, and contract research. Throughout his career, Dr. Garasky has worked as a federal policy maker (Economist at USDHHS/ASPE), an academic (Full Professor at Iowa State University), and a contract researcher (Vice President at IMPAQ International). As an APPAM Policy Council member, he would help academic members address declining enrollments in programs, help state and federal agencies improve program performance, and help researchers increase access to data and provide an understanding of policy makers’ concerns.

The APPAM Policy Council is the Association's governing board and is responsible for setting policy and strategy for the Association. The new cohort will serve from 2016 – 2020 and all current members of APPAM in good standing can vote. If you are an APPAM member, please make your voice heard on this important issue. The election will conclude at 11:59 PM, EST, on January 14.

Learn how to vote and find nominee statements here.