Episode 3: Human Capital and Developing Local Resources

Tune in as Jonathan Simonetta from IMPAQ International and Keith Ives from Causal Design discuss the need to develop local resources in international development and the value of bringing in outside resources. You'll also hear from Nathan Ives from Causal Design, as he discusses his role and perspective as a country manager in Cambodia.

Featured Guest: 

Nathan Ives, MA

Country Manager, Cambodia, Causal Design

Nathan is a graduate of Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, where he received a M.A. in International Relations in Southeast Asia concentrating on Quantitative Economics. His experience in nonprofits in Southeast Asia and background in programming dovetails with econometric work, risk analysis, and research. With expertise in humanitarian response, human rights, and forestry, Nathan brings a wide range of topical understanding to evaluation. Nathan speaks Japanese and Bahasa Indonesian. He has worked on humanitarian projects on the Thai-Burma border, community forestry and resource management in conflict areas of Mindanao, and in government relations in Yangon.