Ilene Harris Presents at the ISPOR Annual International Meeting

May 20-24, 2017

IMPAQ Managing Director & Principal Research Scientist Dr. Ilene Harris will present the poster “Key Groups Influencing Generic Drug Use in the U.S. and the Nature and Extent of Their Influence” during the upcoming International Society for Pharmacoecononmics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR) Annual International Meeting. She co-authored the poster with IMPAQ researchers Jennifer Howard, Gavriella Frank, and Zippora Kiptanui, along with Richard Hansen and Jingjing Qian from Auburn University.

Dr. Harris, Ms. Howard, Ms. Frank, and Ms. Kiptanui also co-authored the poster, “The Association Between Patient Sociodemographic Characteristics and Generic Drug Use – A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis,” with Ahmed Mishuk, Jingjing Qian, and Richard Hansen.

Both posters will be presented during Poster Session 1 on Monday, May 22. They will each be displayed from 8:30 AM-2 PM in the Hynes Convention Center – Auditorium & Hall C (L2) and the author discussion will take place from 1 PM-2PM.

About the ISPOR Annual Meeting

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