IMPAQ’s International Education Experts Present at the CIES Conference

March 25-29, 2018

Our international development and education experts will present and exhibit during the 2018 Comparative and International Education Society (CIES) Annual Conference, taking place March 25-29 in Mexico City, Mexico. Join our presentations and visit our exhibit table to learn how we are improving education quality and advancing education reform around the world.

IMPAQ Presentations

Lucy Cutting 
 Maria DiFuccia
Shannon Howard
Elnaz Safarha 

Individual Presentation: Are programs focused on socioemotional skills for disadvantaged youth worth it? Impact evaluation of the Young Potential Development program in Ecuador

  • March 28, 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
  • IMPAQ presenter: Lucy Cutting
  • IMPAQ authors: Dr. Michaela Gulemetova, Dr. Sara Borelli & Lucy Cutting
  • Hilton Reforma, Suite 1
  • Session: Socio-Emotional Learning for Youth in Third Space Programs

Panel Presentation: S-S-Stages: Evaluation Strategies to Improve Program Design Before, During and After

  • March 28, 6:45 - 8:15 PM
  • Business Center Room 8
  • Stage 1: Incorporating local feedback before program implementation: A case study in Senegal
    • IMPAQ Presenter: Shannon Howard
  • Stage 2: Incorporating local feedback during implementation: A case study in Lao PDR
    • IMPAQ Presenter: Elnaz Safarha
  • Stage 3: Incorporating local feedback after program completion: A case study in Mozambique
    • IMPAQ Presenter: Maria DiFuccia

Individual Presentation: Adopting South-North dialogue in evaluation design: The performance evaluation of the education Priorité Qualité (EPQ) Project in Senegal

  • March 29, 1:15-2:45 PM
  • IMPAQ Presenter: Shannon Howard
  • Hilton Reforma, 4th Floor, Don Emiliano
  • Session: Evaluating Diverse Metrics in African Education

Find the full program here.

About the CIES Annual Conference 

The CIES Annual Conference is an academic conference attended by researchers, students, practitioners, and policy makers interested in comparative and international education. Each CIES conference has a theme that is intended to serve as a broad umbrella under which a wide range of work can be presented, while still yielding the consolidation and advancement of knowledge. As Academic Chair of the 2018 CIES conference, President-Elect Professor Regina Cortina has set the 2018 conference theme as “Re-Mapping Global Education: South-North Dialogue.”

This theme aims to shift the traditional starting point of research to a greater extent toward the global South. This shift not only enables South-North dialogue, but also enhances North-South dialogue and the expansion of South- South collaboration. The new map requires us as scholars and practitioners to expand our awareness of the voices, actors and knowledge producers that have historically been marginalized in educational research and institutions. Taking advantage of the widening epistemological parameters of our field, we will focus the conversation on theories and methodologies produced in the global South, with a view toward exploring new voices around the globe. This perspective impels us to forge commitments with greater dedication than ever across all kinds of borders and to re-envision possibilities for cooperation and mutual support in advancing education research and practice.