IMPAQ Presents and Exhibits at the AERA Annual Meeting

April 27-May 1, 2017
IMPAQ’s education research, evaluation, and technical assistance experts will present at the American Education Research Association (AERA) Annual Meeting April 27-May 1 in San Antonio, TX. IMPAQ is also exhibiting at the event. Visit our presentations or exhibit booth to learn how IMPAQ helps improve education policy and programs, particularly for disadvantaged students and families.
Dr. Stepahanie Levin
Dr. Andrea Beesley 

On April 27, Senior Research Associate Dr. Stephanie Levin will present “Evaluating Classroom Lessons Within the Common Core Context: Testing Automated Alignment Using Machine Learning” during the “Learning-Centered Online Environments and Assessing Online Information” session. The session will begin at 4:05 PM in the Grand Hyatt San Antonio, Fourth Floor, Crockett D. Dr. Levin will present with Dr. Fannie Tseng of the Preva Group. 

Managing Director Dr. Andrea Beesley will chair two sessions and present during a roundtable session.

  • On April 28, Dr. Beesley will chair “Complex Politics in Rural School and Community Relationships.” The session will start at 2:15 PM in the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, Meeting Room Level, Room 217 C.

  • On May 1, Dr. Beesley will chair “Teacher Development Across Content Areas: Utilizing Knowledge to Improve Teaching and Learning.” The session will start at 12:25 PM in the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, Ballroom Level, Hemisfair Ballroom 1.

  • On May 1, Dr. Beesley will present “Implementing Precollege Math Remediation in High School: Evaluation of Tennessee Seamless Alignment and Integration Learning Support” during the “Evaluating Strategies for Creating Equal Opportunities for College Readiness” roundtable session. The session begins at 2:15 PM in the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, Ballroom Level, Hemisfair Ballroom 1. Dr. Beelsey co-authored this presentation with IMPAQ Research Associate Maria DiFuccia and Angela Boatman of Vanderbilt University. 

About the AERA Annual Meeting

This year, the AERA Annual Meeting will focus on the following questions of knowledge and action to help achieve equal educational opportunity. Are we better positioned today to improve educational opportunities than we were in the past? What are the pathways to achieving equal educational opportunity? How do we transform the power of knowledge and scholarly discourses into public will, engaging practice, and responsive policy? These questions are central to the meeting’s theme, Achieving the Promise of Equal Educational Opportunity.