IMPAQ to Share Health Research and Data Expertise at AcademyHealth’s Annual Research Meeting

July 28–August 6

IMPAQ staff will present projects virtually at AcademyHealth’s Annual Research Meeting (ARM). We look forward to exploring and discussing topics including social determinants of health (SDoH), health coverage and access, Medicaid, the health workforce, and much more. IMPAQ has a wide range of expertise and is known for applying rigorous approaches to the improvement of public health policy and research. Visit IMPAQ’s digital booth at the conference to find out more about our impactful work.

Session themes include:

  • Social Determinants and Social Needs
  • Coverage, Access, and Medicaid
  • Health Workforce
  • Methods Research
  • Aging, Disability, and End of Life
  • Mental Health and Substance Use
  • Dissemination, Implementation, and Impact

Oral Presentation

Building Synthetic Healthcare Data for Research

Presenter: Slava Katz

Co-Panelists: Zeynal Karaca and Herbert Wong, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)

August 4 at 1:15pm ET

Poster Presentations

Using Human Centered Design to Implement National and State- level Policy Changes

 Presenter: Brandy Farrar

Co-authors: Priya Chatterjee, Elizabeth Messenger-Jones

How Do Changes in Cost-Sharing and Treatment Costs Relate to Out-of-Pocket Cost for New Yorkers with Certain High-Cost Chronic Conditions?    

Presenter: Vincent Chan

Co-authors: Talia Fish, Peter Nakahata, Kevin Van Dyke

Creating Innovative Tools to Address Social Determinants of Health Using Direct Partnerships with Health Services Researchers and Decision-Makers

Presenter: Talia Fish

Co-authors: Kevin Van Dyke

ACO Status Associated with Reports of Meals on Wheels in Hospitals in 2017

Presenter: Greg Foster

Co-author: Grace Wang, Stephen Hines

Increasing the Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Healthcare Workforce: Lessons Learned

Presenter: Brandon Hesgrove

Co-authors: Daniela Zapata, Clancy Bertane, Karen Kauffman, Pauline Karikari-Martin

Procrastination in Health Insurance Enrollment Decision: Evidence from the Exchange Marketplace

Presenter: Siying Liu

Co-authors: Maryann Deyling, Fan Huang, Kevin Van Dyke

Effectiveness of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses and Physicians: An Umbrella Review

 Presenter: Siying Liu

 Co-authors: Bo Feng, Brandon Hesgrove, Pauline Karikari-Martin

Visual Difference-in-Difference Impact Analysis

Presenter: Alison Sanford

Co-authors: Guido Cataife

Understanding the Role of Co-Occurring Social Risk Factors in Older Adult Health

Presenter: Mithuna Srinivasan

Co-author: Jennifer Pooler

Medication-Assisted Treatment with Buprenorphine for Opioid Use Disorder by Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants in Rural Areas Post-CARA 2016

Presenter: Rekha Varghese

Co-authors: Karin Johnson, Bo Feng, Mike Liu, Alison Sanford, Paul Dowell, Ilene Harris, Karishma Desai, John Wedeles