Webinar on High Reliability Organizations with Dr. David Baker

April 4, 2017

Dr. David Baker

On April 4, IMPAQ Executive Vice President Dr. David Baker will give the live, interactive webinar, “How to Train Teams in High Reliability Organizations.” The webinar is hosted by the Madinah Institute of Leadership and Entrepreneurship, an organization that helps executives around the globe discover new avenues in leadership and management through interactive and comprehensive educational programs. 

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Webinar Description

Organizations are increasingly becoming dynamic and complex. The interaction of people and technology has given rise to greater reliance on teams over the past 30 years. High reliability organizations (HROs) are organizations that exist in complex, technology sophisticated environments where the consequences of error is high, but the occurrence of error is extremely low. Research since the late 1980s has found that teamwork is an essential component of achieving high reliability. HROs rely on teams to produce results and mitigate risk. This webinar will describe the fundamental characteristics of teams, review strategies on how to enhance and maximize team performance, and demonstrate the criticality of teamwork in HROs like health care. The webinar will also describe free resources that can assist organizations in training teams to improve performance.