IMPAQ Joins Core Quality Measures Collaborative Aimed at Improving American Health Care

Columbia, Maryland


July 09, 2020

IMPAQ is excited to announce that it has joined the Core Quality Measures Collaborative (CQMC).

Convened by America’s Health Insurance Plans, in partnership with the National Quality Forum and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, the Collaborative is a broad-based coalition of health care thought leaders who work to recommend measures in priority clinical areas to assess the quality of American health care.

Organizations invited to serve on the CQMC advise its leaders on promoting quality measure alignment across public and private health care sectors and reducing reporting burden in the field. Members include health insurance providers, medical associations, consumer groups, purchasers, and other quality-focused groups which work together to identify and implement quality measures.

As a measure developer, IMPAQ has developed and tested measures in areas including patient safety, care coordination, and various other high priority acute and chronic conditions.

“Measure quality scores are increasingly tied to national recognition and payment programs across health care sectors, but with multiple measures that are not aligned, there is well-recognized frustration for reporting providers,” says IMPAQ Health Quality Measurement Lead Jensen Chiu, who will represent IMPAQ in this initiative and serve as the ambassador for the Collaborative, the Core Measure Sets, and supporting implementation efforts. “I look forward to working with this committed team to support the guiding principles of the CQMC and to promote widespread public and private sector implementation of more unified core measure sets across the United States.”