IMPAQ Launches COVID-19 Clinical Trials Tracker to Increase Access to the Latest Data on Potential Treatments

Columbia, Maryland


July 20, 2020

IMPAQ Health researchers developed a publicly available dashboard for exploring the latest updates in the vast COVID-19 clinical trials landscape.

Clinical trials help determine the safety and effectiveness of new drugs and therapies for specific populations. During the global coronavirus pandemic, clinical trials for COVID-19 are evolving at a rapid pace as governments, academic centers, and pharmaceutical companies race toward treatment solutions.

An IMPAQ Health research team, led by pharmacists Dr. Sanchari Ghosh and Zippora Kiptanui, sought to compile publicly available clinical trials data into an easy-to-use Tableau dashboard to help researchers, doctors, and others to sort through and analyze the growing list of more than 2,500 COVID-19 clinical trials.

The free online tool allows users to sort by intervention type, drug category, location, and more, and will be updated frequently as new trial data is made available by the data source,

“This tool is unique because it not only shows an overview of the clinical trial landscape for COVID-19, but also allows for in-depth exploration of different aspects of clinical trials, such as intervention type and study population,” says Dr. Sanchari Ghosh, Research Associate and lead researcher on the project. “We hope that health care professionals and the general public will find it useful for finding and understanding both broad and nuanced information on COVID-19 clinical trials.”

To learn more, you can explore the dashboard and view an infographic summarizing the clinical trials landscape, as well as read a blog post outlining the history and importance of clinical trials.

The COVID-19 Clinical Trials Tracker is one of several new initiatives launched by IMPAQ in response to the health, equity, and economic challenges of the coronavirus.

“I am proud of our staff’s enthusiasm for increasing public knowledge and understanding of the issues surrounding COVID-19,” says IMPAQ President Dr. Adaeze Enekwechi. “IMPAQ’s expertise in health policy research and analytics is helping to inform the coronavirus response among our clients and others who rely on data to make sound policy decisions.”

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