IMPAQ President, Dr. Cary Sennett, and Dr. Donald Nichols, Health Care Finance Practice Area Lead, co-author McGraw Hill textbook chapter on Health Care Finance

Columbia, Maryland


February 12, 2013

IMPAQ is pleased to announce the inclusion of a chapter, co-authored by Drs. Cary Sennett (IMPAQ’s President) and Donald Nichols, (Practice Area Lead for Health Care Finance at IMPAQ), in a new McGraw-Hill textbook for IT professionals.

The textbook, which was published last month, is intended to prepare IT professionals to move into healthcare. Authors of other chapters include Dr. David Blumenthal (previously Director of the Office of the National Coordinator on Health Information Technology) and Janet Marchibroda (Director of the Health Innovation Initiative at the Bipartisan Policy Center).

In their chapter, Drs. Sennett and Nichols describe how the broad set of public and private insurance programs shape the operations of the healthcare system in the United States. They also describe how healthcare finance is evolving, as new approaches (bundled payment, Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), and Patient Centered Medical Homes) move toward the mainstream.

“Health IT is a critical part of the infrastructure that is needed to improve the quality and value of healthcare provided in the United States,” noted Dr. Sennett. “This textbook meets an urgent need—to prepare individuals who understand IT to move into healthcare, where there are special issues but also unique opportunities.”

Dr. Nichols added, “Healthcare finance is both complex and very dynamic. While our chapter draws from a large literature, it is also informed by work that IMPAQ has done to evaluate innovations like bundled payment and Medical Homes. These represent not only the innovation frontier, but also the future. I’m glad that we had the opportunity to bring the knowledge that has emerged from our recent work into this text.”

Dr. Kathleen McCormick, who (with Dr. Brian Gugerty) edited the book, noted that “While IT professionals do not need to be experts in healthcare finance, many of the problems that we need HIT to solve—coordination of care, more timely and effective movement of information to the point of care, decision support for patients and those who care for them—can’t be understood without some understanding of how care is paid for. We are grateful to Drs. Sennett and Nichols for making this complex set of issues more accessible to professionals with little background in healthcare. The chapter will undoubtedly be invaluable to professionals in healthcare informatics too.”

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