IMPAQ's President Elected to Lead National Education Association Health Information Network Board of Directors

Washington, DC


September 05, 2012

IMPAQ International is pleased to announce that its President, Dr. Cary Sennett, has been elected President of the National Education Association’s Health Information Network (NEA HIN) by NEA HIN’s Board of Directors, and began his service as President on September 1st.  

NEA HIN is the non-profit health and safety arm of the National Education Association; its mission is to improve the health and safety of the school community through disseminating information that empowers school professionals and positively impacts the lives of their students.   As President, Dr. Sennett will chair the Board of Directors, and will have the opportunity to work with NEA HIN Directors, staff, and partners, to advance the organization’s efforts to contribute to improvements in health and healthcare in communities across the country.

“We are delighted to have Dr. Sennett leading the Board, at a time when there is so much opportunity for schools to contribute to national efforts to improve the health of students and teachers,” said Gerald Newberry, NEA HIN’s Executive Director.  “His broad perspective both on healthcare and on education, and his experience with evaluation, will be very important to NEA HIN, as we seek new opportunities to make—and to demonstrate—a difference in the lives of those we serve.”

“It is a privilege to have this leadership opportunity, in an organization that can improve the lives of children in so many ways,” said Dr. Sennett.  “Children truly are America’s greatest asset—and schools and the teachers and staff who work there play a critical role in assuring that those children achieve all that they can.  Working, to ensure their health—and through that, to support help children reach the highest levels of educational attainment—has to be a national priority of the highest order.”

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