IMPAQ International Implements Living Wage Standard

Columbia, MD


June 17, 2015

IMPAQ International announced that it is adopting the Maryland living wage for all staff in its Columbia, MD survey research center. Hourly wage increases will be made effective immediately. 

The living wage differs from the minimum wage, which may fail to meet requirements to have a basic quality of life and leave a family to rely on government programs for additional income. The living wage allows a person working forty hours a week, with no additional income, to have enough for quality of life, food, utilities, transportation, health care, recreation, and one course per year to upgrade their education.

This decision is driven by a core value that through our work as well as our operations, we can have a positive impact on the communities in which we operate. IMPAQ International is not required by law to provide a living wage for all its contracts, but our founders and many of our staff have deep ties to Baltimore, where quality jobs are in need.

“We believe our employees are our greatest asset and continue to invest in them. This will also enable us to continue to attract top talent for our world-class survey center,” said Avi Benus, President of IMPAQ International. “I encourage other business leaders to learn more about the positive impacts of adopting a living wage.”

IMPAQ International is committed to providing the highest-quality research and survey services to our clients and partners. We place the highest value on hiring, supporting, and retaining exceptional talent and creating a collaborative, intellectually challenging environment where careers can flourish. Implementing a living wage is one of the many ways IMPAQ International continuously strives to meet these goals.

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