IMPAQ Reemployment and Eligibility Assessment Found To Meet Congressional "Near Top Tier" Evidence Standard

Nevada REA Study Recognized by Coalition For Evidence-Based Policy
Columbia, MD


February 14, 2014

IMPAQ International announced today that the Company’s experimental evaluation of the Nevada Reemployment and Eligibility Assessment (REA) program has been identified by the Coalition for Evidence-Based Policy’s Top Tier Evidence Initiative as having met the Congressional "Near Top Tier" Evidence Standard.

Conducted between 2009 and 2011 on behalf of the U.S. Department of Labor, IMPAQ’s experimental evaluation sought to determine the effectiveness of Nevada’s REA program in ensuring that unemployment insurance (UI) claimants are meeting the eligibility provisions of state laws, are exposed to reemployment services, including job search assistance and placement services, and are returning to employment as quickly as possible.

The study - a randomized controlled trial of all 32,751 UI claimants in Nevada who were eligible for the REA initiative and filed a new UI claim between July and December 2009 - found that the program was effective in reducing UI duration and generating savings to the UI Trust Fund.   

According to the non-profit Coalition, which administers the Top Tier Evidence initiative, IMPAQ’s study met the Congressional Near Top Tier standard; defined in recent legislative provisions as “interventions shown to meet almost all elements of the Top Tier standard (i.e., well-conducted randomized controlled trials … showing sizable, sustained effects), and which only need one additional step to qualify.

Dr. Jacob Benus, IMPAQ’s Executive Vice President and one of the study’s authors, noted that the IMPAQ team was proud of their study’s designation as Near Top Tier, particularly since it is the first employment/training intervention identified as meeting these standards.  

“Our selection is a reflection of the hard work and rigorous methodologies that our IMPAQ team brought to this project. It is also an affirmation that the work that we do informs critical policies that ultimately improve peoples’ lives.”

To read more about IMPAQ’s selection, please visit the Coalition for Evidence-Based Policy’s website here.

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