State of Maryland Health Services Cost Review Commission Awards IMPAQ Multi-Function, Multi-Award Technical Assistance Contract

Columbia, MD


August 31, 2018

For Immediate Release

IMPAQ International is pleased to announce that the Maryland Health Services Cost Review Commission (MD HSCRC), an independent Maryland State agency established by an Act of the Maryland legislature in 1971, has awarded IMPAQ a Multi-Functional, Multi-Award Technical Assistance Contract for technical consulting and data-related services. IMPAQ will support HSCRC with the design, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of initiatives occurring under Maryland’s updated 2014 model. 

Through the All-Payer Model, the State of Maryland and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), overseen by HSCRC, are adopting new and innovative policies aimed at reducing per capita hospital expenditures and improving patient health outcomes. The MD HSCRC establishes hospital rates for all inpatient, hospital-based outpatient, and emergency services. Additionally, the Commission makes the costs and financial performance of Maryland hospitals available to the public.

“Alternative payment models have the potential to provide better care for a lower cost,” said Martha Kelly, Senior Vice President for IMPAQ Health. “Innovation will help re-envision the health care system for the state of Maryland, and potentially create a new, nation-wide model.”

Under the updated All-Payer Model, Maryland seeks to progressively transform care delivery across the health care system with the objective of improving health and quality of care. This model will give the state flexibility to tailor initiatives to the Maryland health care context and encourage providers to drive health care innovation.

The IMPAQ team will assist HSCRC in achieving its mission to increase access to health care in Maryland, by providing policy design, analysis, and implementation, program monitoring and evaluation, measure development, financial, and actuarial analysis/modeling, and ongoing data reporting, analytics, and clinical data auditing.

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