NYPlanCosts Calculator Webinar


IMPAQ Health is proud to present the NYPlanCosts Calculator, an easy-to-use website designed to help New Yorkers with one of ten chronic conditions make more informed health insurance choices by providing tailored out-of-pocket cost (OOPC) estimates by plan and by county.

The first webinar, which originally aired on January 18th, 2018, was presented to a broad audience of New York stakeholders. The second webinar, which took place on March 28th, 2018, was more specifically aimed at consumers and assistors. These webinars featured the IMPAQ Health team, including developers, policy experts, and pharmacists, as well as Danielle Holahan from the New York State of Health and Emily Clarke from the Community Service Society of New York. Topics covered in the webinars include:

  • General background information on the NYPlanCosts Calculator, such as collaborative partners, purpose, featured conditions, and more
  • Key calculator features and a brief overview of the Calculator’s methodology and data sources
  • Testimonials from navigators
  • Discussion of integrating the calculator into navigator and consumer assistor workflows
  • Live use-case demonstrations
  • Q&A

IMPAQ Health presents a series of webinars demonstrating the NYPlanCosts Calculator, a first-in-the-nation tool that provides out-of-pocket cost estimates by health plan for New Yorkers with chronic conditions, helping them to make educated plan choices based on more than just premiums. The webinars include various background information on how the calculator works, as well as a use case walkthrough and information targeted specifically to navigators and consumer assistors.





NYPlanCosts Calculator Webinar from IMPAQ International on Vimeo.