Socio-Emotional Learning

Socio-Emotional Learning

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is the process through which people acquire the knowledge, attitudes, and skills needed to recognize and manage emotions, demonstrate caring and concern for others, establish positive relationships, make responsible decisions, and handle challenging situations constructively. SEL skills can enhance family and community learning environments in which children feel valued, respected, connected to, and engaged in learning.

Our research of SEL policies and programs focus on the ways in which educators can help students engage and persist in the complex learning tasks demanded by today’s standards. Our findings help agencies and programs support educators in creating learning environments for positive student achievement.

For example, with the support of the National Science Foundation, IMPAQ is studying how math identity, the feeling that one “belongs” in the math classroom and is capable of doing math, can be developed in after-school settings and whether it helps math achievement in the classroom. IMPAQ is also developing and piloting a professional development program that helps teachers provide students with formative feedback that motivates students to achieve learning goals.

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Select Projects
Client: National Science Foundation
Date: 10/2015 – 9/2019
Service: Impact Evaluations
Market: Education
Practice Area: STEM
Client: U.S. Department of Education
Date: 11/2013-12/2014
Service: Research Services
Market: Education
Client: Howard County Public School System
Market: Education
Client: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Date: 12/2013-8/2014
Service: Research Services
Market: Education
Client: Hawai‘i Community Foundation
Date: 10/2016 – 7/2020
Service: Process Evaluations
Market: Education

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