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Federal, state, and local education agencies depend on reliable and valid data about how their policies and programs are impacting educational outcomes for students. Policymakers need trustworthy evidence about the key levers of student success and how education policies affect practice. Educators need new tools for measuring program quality and data to inform program choices across diverse contexts and under a variety of conditions.

In response, state education agencies are prioritizing the use of rigorous research methods and development of integrated longitudinal data systems that link administrative and program data. More than ever, data is being used to improve education policy and practice, particularly for disadvantaged students and families.

With the introduction of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), states will be challenged to develop and monitor new approaches to managing and supporting better school performance. IMPAQ is well-positioned to help states implement and evaluate innovative approaches to closing achievement gaps and improving student achievement.

For example, IMPAQ is conducting a national evaluation of the Comprehensive Technical Assistance Centers program, examining how the Centers’ design and implementation build state education agency capacity and produce better outcomes.

We also recently completed a social return on investment (SROI) analysis for the Georgia Department of Education (DOE), where we examined three initiatives funded by Georgia’s Race to the Top program: turning around the lowest-achieving schools, supporting education partnerships through an Innovation Fund, and supporting new teacher pipeline programs. The study was used by the Georgia DOE to assess and make recommendations to improve how federal resources are deployed to support school improvement.

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Client: U.S. Department of Education
Date: 9/2013-9/2019
Service: Mixed Method Evaluations
Market: Education
Client: U.S. Department of Education
Date: 10/2012 – 10/2017
Service: Mixed Method Evaluations
Market: Education
Client: Georgia Governor’s Office of Student Achievement
Date: 6/2014-10/2014
Service: Research Services
Market: Education

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