Population Health

Population Health

Complex interactions among biological, social, cultural, economic, environmental, and behavioral factors – the social determinants of health – can lead to inequities and disparities in health status between population groups. IMPAQ’s work to address these issues spans the health and human services arenas, providing our clients with a sound understanding of the factors at play and the wide array of stakeholders involved.

We leverage our in-house expertise in public health, public policy, economics, survey research, and data management technology to support the health care analytics needed to understand the scale and scope of the underlying issues. Our work in population health spans the development and testing of innovative health care payment and service delivery models as well as evaluating and providing technical assistance to social support programs offered to low-income and vulnerable populations.

Recent projects include an evaluation of a community health program that facilitates access to health care and community-based social and health supports, an evaluation of a Centers For Disease Control (CDC) funded grant to reduce chronic disease at the local level, and an evaluation of Medicaid incentives for the prevention of chronic diseases.

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