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Poor governance and service delivery are increasingly recognized as key constraints to progress in countries around the world. Fragile institutions, widespread corruption, and intolerance undermine the political, economic, and social lives of all citizens.

IMPAQ works to assess development opportunities and analyze policy changes in order to guide donor assistance strategies. Here are a few examples of IMPAQ’s experience in researching and assisting international democracy, human rights & governance

Anti-Corruption Program Assessment

As Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) solidifies the reconciliation process after years of conflict, IMPAQ is helping government institutions respond to their citizens through the Monitoring and Evaluation Support Activity (MEASURE-BiH). By performing an anti-corruption assessment, IMPAQ will inform decision makers’ designs and plans for future anti-corruption interventions.

IMPAQ also created a Judicial Efficiency Index to help ensure that the justice system is transparent, credible, and responsive to the needs of all people in BiH. The index examines factors such as quality, education, diversity, appointment and discipline of judges and prosecutors; financial resources; judicial powers; and the checks and balances of the judicial system.

Researching Rural Land Governance in Africa

IMPAQ evaluated Phase I of the Millennium Challenge Corporation’s Rural Land Governance (RLG) program in Burkina Faso. The RLG program was intended to improve land tenure security and management to increase investment and rural productivity.

IMPAQ reviewed the program’s effectiveness and impact using a quasi-experimental difference-in-difference approach and disaggregated results by gender to gain deeper insights into how different demographics responded to the interventions. IMPAQ concluded that the program’s activities improved farmers’ perceptions of land tenure security and resulted in positive and statistically significant effects on women’s title rights status.

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