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The key to informed policy and decision making, whether by governments or the private sector, lies in the ability to securely collect, manage, and extract value from data. IMPAQ offers robust technology services that help clients overcome large data-related challenges.

IMPAQ’s technical solutions help public program managers and policy makers utilize data to improve delivery, streamline operations, and facilitate stronger decision-making. In an age when programs must do more with less, IMPAQ helps clients achieve efficiencies and increase operational capacity for less.

Dedicated teams of hard-working professionals utilize mature project management procedures to give clients confidence that work is being completed on time and on budget. IMPAQ is well known for high levels of customer service and delivering high quality work while maintaining the ability to adjust as client’s needs change. Instead of saying no, IMPAQ finds new ways to make ideas work.

Information assurance (an outgrowth of information security) is integral to all our efforts. IMPAQ technology and data solutions can comply with a wide variety of regulatory requirements and standards, including the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA), the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program, and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. In addition, IMPAQ’s NIST 800-53 toolset facilitates the risk assessment process for Federal clients and commercial entities working with government systems.

IMPAQ technology solutions include:

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Data Collection & Management

IMPAQ helps clients store, organize, process, maintain, and safely disseminate sensitive survey, administrative, and program data. IMPAQ has deep experience capturing timely data, combining structured and unstructured data from disparate sources, and enforcing high standards of data accuracy and completeness. By designing and implementing operational databases and analytic data warehouses, IMPAQ can support many policy research projects and public programs.

IMPAQ has created robust solutions using relational database management systems, NoSQL databases, and Hadoop platforms on client provided, IMPAQ FISMA-compliant, and IaaS infrastructures. These solutions were created using a number of scalable platforms and tools, including Teradata, Informatica, Salesforce, and Amazon Web Services.

An example of work in this area is with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Service (FNS). FNS relies on a variety of data and data sources that describe the diets and food purchasing patterns of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) households, yet there is no unified data capture system to give FNS visibility into their clients’ buying habits. IMPAQ developed a prototype system and documented the technical parameters required for a data-capture system that would record item-level data of EBT card purchases.

Systems Architecture, Development & Integration

IMPAQ provides requirements gathering, systems architecture, software development, interface design, application development, testing, security, systems integration, and strategic consulting services. Our approach combines best practices from multiple methodologies and can be adapted to fit many organizational standards.

The IMPAQ technology team is highly experienced in data-driven web application development and open source technologies. That experience includes developing data collection, data management, and analytic systems using multiple data sources and formats. IMPAQ also provides clear documentation, user training, and stakeholder outreach.

By combining subject matter and technological expertise, IMPAQ ensures that its solutions are highly responsive and driven by business needs. An interdisciplinary approach creates successful, innovative systems to help clients improve program effectiveness and decision making.

An example of this approach is the firm’s work on the Medicare Data Sharing Program. To implement a provision of the Affordable Care Act, IMPAQ is collaborating with the Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, and Office of Information Products and Data Analytics. IMPAQ database engineers, developers, interface designers, and Medicare policy experts are working together to create a system that will evaluate and report on the quality, efficiency, effectiveness, and resource use of Medicare health care service providers and suppliers. Deliverables include: designing standards and data security requirements to protect Medicare beneficiary privacy; implementing an automated process to collect and review applications via a public and a secure portal; and implementing a helpdesk platform to facilitate technical assistance services.

Analytics & Business Intelligence

IMPAQ implements progressive, big data platforms for large-scale enterprise analytics, leveraging existing client investments with business intelligence technologies. Our extensive work on the Open Government Initiative has been recognized for the ability to protect an individual’s privacy while preserving analytical integrity of data shared for public consumption.

IMPAQ has applied a wide range of statistical analysis techniques to different social science datasets, employing software such as SAS, Stata, and SPSS. These techniques have been used in a number of areas, including predictive modeling of complex programs, econometric estimation, special data visualization, executive dashboards, and the combination of disparate data sets from multiple sources and systems. To derive actionable intelligence from data, IMPAQ leverages a wide variety of tools, including Tableau, MicroStrategy, Cognos, and open source data visualization technologies.

With expertise in data mining, statistical analysis, reporting tools, and data warehousing, combined with deep subject matter and policy knowledge, IMPAQ helps clients make use of rapidly accumulating streams of information.

An example of this capability is IMPAQ’s work on the Newark NJ Workforce Management System (NWMS). The first step was to create a data warehouse for collecting and securely storing data from several external systems as one central repository. By consolidating disparate datasets, IMPAQ is providing NWMS with a user interface to create their own customized reports and monitor relevant metrics, and with data visualization, the client will increase its operational efficiency and maximize positive program outcomes.

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