Implementation Services

As budgets shrink and demand for public services grows, IMPAQ is helping clients face major challenges in meeting statutory and regulatory requirements and growing case management workloads.

IMPAQ provides a wide range of technical assistance and program support to international, federal, state and local governments, as well as to corporations, nonprofits, foundations, grantees, and community organizations.

In addition to national and local experience, IMPAQ has extensive international experience working with foreign governments and non-governmental organizations to create and improve social policies and programs, including economic development, education, global health, workforce development, and youth programs.

IMPAQ’s implementation services include:

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Technical Assistance


IMPAQ provides support to both funded programs and pilot projects. Technical assistance services include supporting program design and startup, developing technology and data systems, establishing procedures and protocols, and training on best practices.

For example, IMPAQ is supporting the U.S. Agency for International Development/Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) with their Education for a Just Society Program, which provides technical assistance and training to effect change in the BiH education system. This work is helping build capacity and infrastructure to create a society that promotes peace, reconciliation, and encourages all children to strive for a better future.


Performance Measurement & Quality Improvement


IMPAQ has developed quality indicators and measurable metrics that determine how successfully programs serve their audiences. Clients use those metrics to improve quality on both the tactical (program delivery) and strategic (public policy) levels. IMPAQ is able to leverage technical assistance and operational support activities to implement tactical and strategic improvements to achieve overall quality improvement goals.

Utilizing key performance indicators, IMPAQ engages in activities that help achieve performance and/or quality improvements in a project or an organization. Such activities include:

  • Site visits and interviews/focus groups with structured interview protocols;
  • Thorough documentation of current processes;
  • Development of standard operating procedures;
  • Recommendations for process improvement;
  • Quality assurance; and
  • Development of tools such as process maps and work flow diagrams to illustrate current and future state scenarios.

For example, IMPAQ is working with the Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight (CCIIO) in the Department of Health and Human Services to support a variety of activities and programs related to the Affordable Care Act. The project outcomes include:

  • Developing and implementing qualified health plan (QHP) certification and post certification assessment reviews across a range of QHP certification standards;
  • Developing and implementing standard operating procedures;
  • Conducting data quality assurance improvement activities;
  • Supporting issuer outreach communications;
  • Triaging and tracking various outreach communications; and
  • Providing technical assistance to states participating in the health insurance marketplace.

IMPAQ’s hands-on operational and technical assistance, coupled with its policy expertise, helps CCIIO better align its operations with essential health benefit policy, cross-functional activities, other initiatives, overall policy, and planning for future years.


Business Process Reengineering


Business Process Reengineering (BPR) can include a redesign or fundamental rethinking of an organization’s existing business processes. After analyzing existing procedures and systems, IMPAQ provides recommendations to deliver public services with less resources, more accuracy, and/or lower cost.

IMPAQ’s four BPR steps –Understand, Analyze, Engage, and Enact–help clients build sustainable in-house capacity to improve delivery of services.

For example, IMPAQ provided Business Process Reengineering services to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) programs for the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The project included improving the SNAP case management and certification process in local offices across multiple states. Specific tasks included assessing current business processes, guiding staff through the analysis of current activities, and identifying process improvements. IMPAQ provided BPR training and technical support throughout each stage of the project to build capacity within the states to have the capacity to improve their procedures on their own moving forward.

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