Research Services

IMPAQ offers proven research experience in real-world programs, with a strong background in random assignment studies, quasi-experimental studies, field research, mixed-method data collection, and rapid cycle evaluations.

Utilizing a broad range of domain experts and methodologies, IMPAQ considers policy and program challenges from many perspectives. Examining a policy issue in education, for example, may require an understanding of child labor practices, nutrition issues, and local cultural expectations. IMPAQ brings expertise in these areas, as well as in many others.

Decision-makers the world over rely on IMPAQ’s research services to inform policy design and program changes. IMPAQ’s research services include: 

Policy & Program Analysis

IMPAQ policy and program analyses can help clients identify gaps in practice, determine alternative approaches, and provide recommendations. Activities include performing literature reviews and environmental scans, convening expert panels, developing and fielding surveys, conducting key-informant interviews, and writing white papers and decision memos.

For example, for the Synthesis of AHRQ-Funded Healthcare-Associated Infection (HAI) project, IMPAQ interviewed more than 60 HAI experts and AHRQ-funded researchers who had conducted studies investigating HAI control and elimination approaches and reviewed documents produced by AHRQ-funded researchers. From this body of research, the team synthesized the major scientific results, lessons learned, and knowledge gaps. In addition, IMPAQ conducted focus groups with AHRQ staff to understand the Agency’s approach to funding HAI research and disseminated major results and lessons learned in three peer-reviewed publications. IMPAQ then provided AHRQ with a comprehensive accounting of the status of the AHRQ HAI program, its major results, lessons learned, gaps, and potential areas for future funding.

Applied Research Studies

IMPAQ has significant experience conducting applied research studies, answering questions such as:

  • How is an evidence-based chronic disease self-management program implemented across states?
  • How satisfied are individuals enrolled in Medicaid waiver programs with the services they receive?
  • What are the effects of a CMS-funded demonstration project on the supply of advanced-practice nurse practitioners?

IMPAQ’s applied research studies work has real-world implications and is used by governments, foundations, and non-profits around the world to improve their public policies and programs.

For example, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) contracted with IMPAQ to study the effects of a new training curriculum for people working with individuals living with HIV/AIDS. The study was both formative and summative and helped the DOL understand the effects of their training curriculum, measuring providers’ satisfaction, knowledge gains, and behavioral changes as a result of the training.

Feasibility Studies

IMPAQ objectively uncovers the strengths and weaknesses of an existing public program or business venture, including opportunities and threats, required resources, and the prospects for success. Studies can include cost estimates, potential impacts, model demonstration tests, risk evaluations, and more.

An example of this type of work is IMPAQ’s feasibility study capturing Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) purchases at the point of sale for the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food and Nutrition Service (FNS). In the same way consumers use debit cards, SNAP beneficiaries receive an Electronic Benefits Transfer card to purchase food. To evaluate the feasibility of creating a system to track item-level purchases and explore the value this data would provide, IMPAQ is building a prototype data tracking system for FNS. By working directly with the many stakeholders, IMPAQ is determining the technical parameters, level of effort, cost, risks, and potential benefits of rolling out such a system nationally.

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