CQI Process Design and Implementation as part of the Mississippi LTSS Information and Tracking System

Official Title
Long Term Services and Supports Information and Tracking System, State of Mississippi Division of Medicaid
State of Mississippi, USA
9/2014 – 9/2016
IMPAQ Health
Implementation Services
Surveys & Data Collection
Mississippi Division of Medicaid
Sub To
FEi Systems
Data Collection, Analysis & Reporting
Survey Design and Sampling
Survey Methodology

IMPAQ worked with FEi Systems to help the Mississippi Department of Medicaid assess and improve the quality of care given to those under the 1915c Waiver program, which includes individuals in the following categories: Assisted Living, Elderly and Disabled, Independent Living, Traumatic Brain Injury, and Intellectual and Developmental Disabled.

Our role was complex and included the following:

  • IMPAQ and its two subcontractors, Vital Research and The Parham Group, implemented two in-person surveys, hiring, training, and supervising in-person interviewers; the National Core Indicators Aging and Disabilities Consumer Survey, and the National Core Indicators Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Consumer Survey;
  • Implemented two mailed surveys, the National Core Indicators Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Adult Family Survey and our own Aging and Disabilities Caregiver Survey (IMPAQ-AD), which focus on the family members and caregivers of those receiving services under 1915c;
  • Developed a mail processing system, which allowed materials to be received, processed, entered, and logged effectively and efficiently. For the IMPAQ-AD mailed survey, which we developed, we used our in-house mailroom, specifically set up to receive returned surveys, to log and scan all responses automatically using Snap Survey Software. We conducted statistical analysis on the returned survey data, as well as rigorous psychometrics on the instrument itself;
  • Assisted in the provider qualification assurance analysis and assisted with the development of continuous quality improvement.

Previously, we implemented Mississippi’s 2015 NCI-Aging and Disabilities (NCI-AD) survey. Using this experience, we created a lessons learned document and developing a more effective training and implementation program for the 2016 implementation of the NCI-AD and NCI-IDD Consumer Surveys.

Our team included senior researchers, data analysts, programmers, research analysts, and survey experts. They brought with them decades of experience in survey design and implementation, as well as gerontology and health domain expertise. Their previous work included survey design, implementation, and analysis, including in-person, phone, mailed, and multi-mode surveys.