Evaluation of Alignment to PA Common Core and Impact of Teacher Survey

Official Title
Data Innovation in U.S. Education
Columbia, MD, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, PA, Oakland, CA
12/2015 – 6/2016
Mixed Method Evaluations
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Sub To
Preva Group, LLC
Data Collection, Analysis & Reporting
Focus Groups
Qualitative Data Analysis
Survey Analysis
Survey Design and Sampling
Web Based Data Collection

IMPAQ developed innovative data collection and analytic methods for education researchers and system leaders, to measure implementation quality more consistently and support educators more effectively in their selection of educational tools and methods. The project involved two tasks.

First, we reviewed existing rubrics that align lessons to Common Core literacy standards, including Equip, Achieve the Core’s Publishers Criteria, Achieve the Core’s Instructional Practice Guide, and Charlotte Danielson’s Framework for Teaching. This information is used to develop machine learning capabilities and allow lessons to be evaluated electronically, saving both time and money and showing teachers quickly if their lessons are aligned properly. It also helps them become more comfortable using Common Core Standards in their classrooms. 

Next, we facilitated a randomly controlled trial to evaluate the impact of a redesigned teacher survey and see if the new version produces higher response rates. We worked with the Philadelphia Charter Schools for Excellence to select the right items to include, and sent both the standard and new versions to teachers. The information collected feeds a report to the Gates Foundation that explores methods for improving survey response rates among teachers.

Our team has strong knowledge of the Gates Foundation’s strategies and partners, proficiency with traditional education measurement and evaluation, and leading knowledge of Common Core alignment. The team included senior researchers and data analysis experts, with experience in rubric evaluation, survey design and sampling, and developing partnerships with charter schools as well as education and literacy experience.