Evaluation of SEL Program of the Pillars of Peace Hawai‘i Initiative

Official Title
Evaluation of Social and Emotional Learning Program of the Pillars of Peace Hawai‘i Initiative
Hawai‘i, US
10/2016 – 09/2019
Education Practice Areas
Practice Areas
Socio-Emotional Learning
Process Evaluations
Outcome Evaluations
Hawai‘i Community Foundation
Culturally Responsive Evaluation
Mixed Methods Research
Pillars of Peace, Hawaii

[IMAGE] Hawaiian students engage in social and emotional learning (SEL) project. 

Hawaii’s Pillars of Peace program was launched by the Hawai‘i Community Foundation to cultivate compassion, mindfulness, and justice in their daily lives and to better understand the roles of diversity and culture in the practice of peace. A key component is a new initiative designed to encourage using social and emotional learning (SEL) educational components in Hawaiian schools and community organizations. SEL skills, positive discipline, and a safe and healthy school climate align closely with Native Hawaiian values such as belonging, respect, generosity, and responsibility.

IMPAQ is using a mixed methods approach that includes culturally responsive evaluation practices, to evaluate the implementation, effectiveness, and sustainability of the project. This includes analysis of grantee administrative data, Hawai‘i DOE public use data, student, teacher and parent surveys, site visit interviews, and on-site observations of teacher professional development and classroom activities. This study will provide valuable information on what it will take to effectively implement SEL programs in Hawaiian schools.

IMPAQ’s team of researchers have decades of experience in educational program evaluation, data collection, database management, and data analysis. Two of the research analysts working on this project have served as data collection coordinators, database managers, site visitors, and data analysts on studies of Hawaii’s educational programs since 2010. The project director has over a decade of experience evaluating educational programs throughout the state of Hawai’i.