Quality Payment Program Central Support for Small, Underserved, and Rural Practices

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Quality Payment Program Small, Underserved, and Rural Support Central Support Contract
United States
IMPAQ Health
Policy/Program Analysis
Technical Assistance
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)
Learning and Action Network National Webinars
Content Creation and Information Dissemination
Policy Analysis

IMPAQ is working with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to ensure that solo practitioners and clinicians in small group practices, particularly those in rural and medically underserved areas, can successfully participate in CMS’ Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS). This initiative ties payment rates to higher quality and more cost-efficient care, drives improvement in care processes and health outcomes, and increases the use of health care information technology.


Through this project, IMPAQ supports 11 technical assistance contractors that provide free assistance to solo and small group practices to increase the likelihood of their success in the MIPS and alternative payment model (APM) programs. As more practices participate in these programs, CMS is effectively leading the shift toward value-based care, which means more Americans will benefit from efficient, high-quality health care as physicians are rewarded for the value they deliver.


IMPAQ supports the technical assistance contractors by providing education, resources, and data analysis to ensure the contractors have the information to respond to the needs of the clinicians. The cornerstone of this work is providing high-quality technical assistance and exceptional customer service, as well as supporting measurable progress towards MIPS readiness for over 100,000 small group practices.

IMPAQ is using a variety of outreach, education, and quality improvement methodologies. IMPAQ develops monthly Learning and Action National Webinars and newsletters on relevant MIPS and APM topics for clinicians and practice managers of small group practices.

In addition, IMPAQ uses data analysis to examine MIPS scores of small group practices to see if small practices are earning scores that are comparable to clinicians in larger practices, and to identify opportunities for additional outreach and support in areas where small practices earned lower scores.

Experience & Expertise

IMPAQ’s expertise in continuous quality improvement, value-based care programs, technical assistance, and learning and diffusion projects positions us to successfully support CMS and the 11 technical assistance contractors working directly with small, underserved, and rural clinicians.

We also leverage our established reputation as trusted partners to work collaboratively with CMS, the TA contractors, and other key stakeholders to develop resources that help small practices align payment with the delivery of high-quality, safe, patient-centered, and cost-efficient care.

The QPP SURS team has vast experience in technical assistance; learning and diffusion; data analysis; and managing large, complex federal projects. The project team consists of senior researchers, analysts, policy subject matter experts, and certified project management professionals. Together with our partner, The Lewin Group, we bring an extensive and diverse array of skills necessary to meet the needs of clinicians, CMS, and other key stakeholders.