Strengthening Government Labor Law Enforcement

Official Title
Strengthening Government Labor Law Enforcement (IL‐32809-18-75-K)
Mexico, Honduras, and Georgia
International Development
Implementation Services
Technical Assistance
U.S. Department of Labor - Bureau of International Labor Affairs
IMPAQ project staff in Georgia for the Scoping Mission, meeting with the then-Speaker of Parliament. See more:

Respect for internationally recognized workers' rights among US trading partners helps create a more level global playing field for US workers. It also helps ensure decent working conditions for workers in trading partner countries. Many countries, however, face challenges in enforcing their labor laws effectively. To address these challenges, the Bureau of International Labor Affairs (ILAB) of the U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL) awarded a cooperative agreement to IMPAQ, with the objective of building the labor law enforcement capacity of the governments of three US trading partners: Mexico, Honduras, and Georgia.

The long-term outcomes of this multi-country project are: 1) adopting laws, regulations, and other legal instruments that are consistent with relevant labor standards; 2) improving identification and remediation of labor law violations; and 3) improving prosecution of labor law violations.

To achieve these outcomes, the IMPAQ team will identify and address gaps that prevent governments from realizing comprehensive labor law enforcement systems. Working closely with labor inspectorates, other government agencies, and representatives of workers and employers, IMPAQ team members are developing innovative technical assistance tailored to each country's complex institutional environment and unique needs, priorities, and challenges.


To build governments' capacities to adopt and enforce laws, as well as improve identification and prosecution of labor law violations in project countries, the IMPAQ team applies multi-pronged, data-driven approaches developed in close collaboration with key stakeholders in each country.

Experience & Expertise

IMPAQ supports governmental agencies and multilateral organizations in achieving evidence-based decision-making, extracting social value from data, developing and implementing program and policy improvements, and strengthening governance institutions. Since 2004, IMPAQ has helped ensure that workers around the world experience safe and fair conditions. IMPAQ has become a trusted partner in developing and using rigorous evidence on what works around the world and providing technical assistance to improve working conditions.

IMPAQ's policy experts have intimate first-hand knowledge of international labor standards, labor law and regulations, and labor law enforcement and compliance in the project countries and globally. We also have supporting advisors and experts with substantial experience facilitating the development and implementation of procedural and electronic tools to improve labor inspections and generally strengthen labor law enforcement methods and procedures.