Issue Briefs

Market: IMPAQ Health

In this issue brief, researchers from IMPAQ and the Weitzman Institute explore COVID-19 prevalence and mortality rates in counties designated by the Health Resources and Services Administration as Primary Care Health Professional Shortage Areas.

Market: IMPAQ Health

The expansion of telehealth has rapidly accelerated since the start of COVID-19. Researchers from IMPAQ and the American Institutes for Research explore why and how telehealth expansion must be designed with a focus on reducing disparities and advancing health equity.

Date: November 2019
Market: IMPAQ Health
Description: With the help of our partners at the talent development firm Maher & Maher, IMPAQ International’s policy researchers have been studying the plight of communities and identifying some of the most effective solutions to combat the opioid crisis.
Date: November 2018
Market: Social Programs
Description: Using nationally-representative data from more than 25,000 veterans, this Issue Brief explores the characteristics of veterans most likely to experience food insecurity.
Date: May 2018
Market: Social Programs
Description: A survey of 1,590 adults aged 50 or above offers insight into their experiences and their concerns for the future.
Date: January 2017
Market: Workforce Development
Description: This issue brief uses data from the 2012 U.S. Department of Labor Family and Medical Leave (FMLA) Employee Survey to analyze the effect of FMLA eligibility and awareness on worker leave-taking.
Date: May, 2017
Service: Business Process Reengineering
Market: Workforce Development
Description: This brief describes the positive results of using the TRTW to measure communication among teams.
Date: November 2017
Service: Applied Research Studies, Surveys & Data Collection
Market: Social Programs
Description: This issue brief reviews data from a nationally representative survey of adults aged 50 and older for the health implications of unmet social needs.
Date: July 2017
Service: Applied Research Studies
Market: Workforce Development, Education
Description: This issue brief provides a literature review of three models of early childhood mental health consultation.
Date: June, 2017
Service: Policy/Program Analysis, Applied Research Studies
Market: Social Programs
Description: This issue brief summarizes IMPAQ’s analysis of employment patterns of working-age SNAP participants using nationally representative survey data from 2011 – 2015.